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    The instructions say to give a post or page you want to appear in the accordion slide the category name “slide” and also include a featured image.

    That makes the word “slide” appear in the category list.

    I don’t think that is useful or intuitive for the visitor.

    How do I remove “slide” from the category menu listings, but still keep the functionality needed for the accordion slider?

    Thank you.



    the “slide” category was an example. In your theme options you can select any category you’d like. For example if you create a category “News & Featured” you can then assign the News & Featured category to your slider, you can add multiple categories to your slider if you’d like.


    That still leaves my problem. I don’t want the category “slide” which is the name given to those posts/pages appearing in the Accordion Slider to appear in the category name list menu.

    Can I delete “slide” from that menu, yet still have the posts appear correctly in the Accordion Slider.

    Everything works, except I don’t want the word “slide” in the category menu, as most visitors would have no idea what that refers to.


    I am thinking you might be suggesting that I rename the category from “slide” to something more descriptive like “News and Features”, but if I do that will it mess up any links that are already in place that use the category “slide”?


    If you use plugins like which allow you to exclude categories.


    the Widgets Reloaded plugin kinda, sorta works for my needs. A caution – that it overlays your previous widget settings, so you need to reestablish all the previous sidebar widget settings. The tradeoff is flexibility and control. Just getting my feet wet with this plugin. There’s lots ahead to making it work the way I would like.

    Thank you again.


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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