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    I need to change what is shown in the left sidebar of my ‘site search’ results – the top one in the header area.

    Right now it’s a list of ALL pages in the site. I took the advice of another thread and put all unnecessary pages as ‘draft’ so they are no longer showing. However, it still shows “internal” pages (checkout stiff) and a list that is not logical (starts with ‘Change Password’, ‘Edit My Address’ etc). Also, I cannot order the list as I want.

    Please, at least I would like to be able to control the order of the page listing.

    Even better, I would like to be able to substitute some other information (preferably ‘recent items’ or recent posts).

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


    How can you turn off or change the contents of the sidebar shown with ‘site search’ (the search box in the header section of theme) results??

    The basic theme is right now giving customers a LIST OF PAGES and thus access to inner parts of the site – out of sequence, out of context. It’s causing A LOT of confusion and 404 errors.

    Can I please just substitute something else rather than a list of pages?!

    Help, please!


    Find your sidebar.php file and back it up before you do this. Maybe just rename it sidebar_OLD.php.

    For anybody else the needs to do this, simply comment out the avia_dummy_widget(2); line in sidebar.php

    . This is done with the two forward slashes (//) as indicated below.

    //default dummy sidebar

    if ($default_sidebar)






    Ismael also indicated that this might can be accomplished from Appearance > Widgets; but I couldn’t find anywhere. Try this first before you change code.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks for helping out Scott!

    You may also want to try overriding the search by going to Appearance > Widgets > Display Everywhere (left) or Sidebar Pages (left).




    Bingo! I hadn’t thought of that…

    For the record, I did not attempt Scott’s fix – I’m not entirely comfortable editing code. Maya’s worked like a charm.

    Thank you to you both!


    Great! Glad Mya was able to help :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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