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    Hello, I love the template but I have a little problem.

    I created a sticky post to always appear at first in the home, and I want to remove or hide the post date.

    Only that, but it’s important to me.

    I’ve tried different methods (plugins included) but either do not work or are deleted in all post.

    Appreciate it


    Please I need your help :(



    Hi siguenadando,

    You’ll need to is add the following code to your custom.css or Quick CSS. The only catch is that you need to add the post’s ID to the front of the code otherwise the date will be hidden for all the posts. To find the post’s ID number, go to your Dashboard and look at the URL of your sticky post. In there will be a number that you use as the ID number.

    For example on Kriesi’s demo, the first post’s ID is 44.


    Once you have the ID then you can use this code.

    .post-entry-44 .side-container-date {
    display: none;




    Hi Mya,

    Everything worked perfect!!!!!

    Thank you very much :)



    Glad it worked.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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