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    I can see that a lot of folks have had issues with this feature, but I wasn’t able to find a simple answer. All I want to know is how to turn off the feature the causes a magnifying class to show up on images you drag a curser over, and then causes a window to pop out with the image in question if you click on it. I sounds like LightBox is causing creates this function. In my case, it mostly seems to happen with the first image I load on a page. When you drag your curser over the rest of the images on the page, nothing happens (which is what I want to happen most of the time). The website I am working on is located here:

    When you drag your curser over the header on any of the pages on this site, the picture dims and magnifying glass shows up.

    I would like to be able to turn this off on an image by image basis. Is there a code for that?

    Or, short of that, then on a page by page basis.

    Or, short of that, then globally.

    Can someone please help me with this? Thanks!


    Anybody home? I need some help with this… Thanks.


    @awsystems made the posted the following on November 1st:


    Actually – found a hack for this. I added the following to the end of the functions-enfold.php file:


    This sets the default option to None when inserting media – I dislike making changes to the settings file as they get wiped out when the theme is updated. I had to make another hack like this to move the Search icon to the Utility Menu – would be an awesome add if the media default could be in the theme settings.

    Thanks again!


    If there is not another way to turnoff LightBox image by image, or page/post by page/post, can someone tell me exactly how to do this in the “Incarnation” theme?



    It seems like the “image_default_link_type” option is not part of the Incarnation theme (at least I couldn’t find it in the theme files) and thus you can add the code to a plugin or child theme file too. You don’t need to hack the theme files. If you want to insert it into a child theme create a functions.php file in the child theme folder and insert the code into functions.php – maybe you should wrap it into a function to make sure that the option is updated after the theme files are loaded. You can use following code

    add_action('after_setup_theme', 'incarnation_deactivate_lightbox' );
    function incarnation_deactivate_lightbox(){

    Best regards,

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