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    Hi friends,

    Awesome theme! We are having an issue on, where on the static pages, like, we would like to remove the portfolio images that are below the text. Is their a theme setting for this?


    Hi benzonidesign,

    Looks like you have the related entries removed from the loop-portfolio-single.php file which is what I would have suggested.




    What? I don’t understand. If I have done what you have suggested, then what should I do now? It does not look like the example, there are no images under each page in the example.


    I thought you were trying to remove the related portfolio entries from a portfolio page and not remove the actual portfolio.

    There is/was a bug with portfolios where if you didn’t have a page assigned to an option group in the Theme Options>Portfolios the option group could get hooked on to random other pages. So go to Theme Options and then the Portfolio tab and make sure that you only have groups of portfolio options where the page is set. You can remove any extras by clicking on the red X on the bottom right corner of each option group.

    At some point you should re-download the theme files from themeforest under your Downloads and install the most recent version of the theme files. As long as you have not modified the actual theme files you won’t lose anything but will get the newest bug fixes.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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