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    I’ve noticed some viewers are complaining that the mouse hover preview image, that is visible on the main page and when browsing different catergories, is buggy in some browsers. It gets stuck when you change pages back and forth. (Seems to be mainly Firefox)

    So I’m wondering, is there a simple way to disable the big hover picture from the main page and categories view?




    open up custom.js and delete following code:

    var $image = jQuery(this).contents("img");
    $newclass = 'lightbox_video';

    if(jQuery(this).attr('href').match(/(jpg|gif|jpeg|png|tif)/)) $newclass = 'lightbox_image';

    if ($image.length > 0)
    if(jQuery.browser.msie && jQuery.browser.version < 7) jQuery(this).addClass('ie6_lightbox');

    var $bg = jQuery("<span class='"+$newclass+" '></span>").appendTo(jQuery(this));

    jQuery(this).bind('mouseenter', function()
    var $height = $image.height(),
    $width = $image.width(),
    $pos = $image.position(),
    $paddingX = parseInt($image.css('paddingTop')) + parseInt($image.css('paddingBottom')),
    $paddingY = parseInt($image.css('paddingLeft')) + parseInt($image.css('paddingRight'));

    $bg.css({height:$height + $paddingY, width:$width + $paddingX, top:$pos.top, left:$pos.left});


    This should remove the hover effect.


    Hello Dude,

    This seems to have only removed the on hover effect that is visible when you are inside a post and hover over the pictures posted – The small magnifying glass indicating you can view a larger picture.


    Mea culpa – I didn’t check thre screenshot and thought you wanted to remove the hover effect. To remove the gallery popup open op custom.js and delete the code between:

    // galleryDisplay


    // input field improvements


    Hmm. That seems to delete the previews entirely :o No preview at all is visible when I remove that bit of code.


    I’ve uploaded a modified version of custom.js here: http://www.mediafire.com/?yp4ssf1g42fjo7y – the popup preview has been removed. It should work correctly now.


    if you can edit the js to show the preview only when hover it and not load with the page by deafult this will be awesome

    Wish you consider it at least for fun :-)


    I think you asked for this feature before :) – it’s not easy because it requires ajax coding, etc.


    i tested your code in the link it has bug try to hove the box to see what imean :-)


    No – it’s not a bug with custom.js but with the hover css. The easiest solution is to modify index.php. Search for following code and delete it:

    echo $big_prev_image;


    Thank you, Dude! Perfect :)


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Just a quick one – has the latest code update overwritten your custom.js?? Or will installing that break the new theme update??


    Yes the custom.js file was updated. However the code I posted above still works – it helps you to remove the big gallery thumb.


    I have followed the advice above and managed to remove the hover preview from the index/gallery. However when the page loads the gallery preview thumbnails have not been made the correct size/cropped correctly.

    To see what I mean please look at http://www.guswhite.com/wordpress/

    When you click on the ‘compact’ or ‘detailed’ tabs it refreshes the preview thumbnails and they appear correctly. If you refresh the page they become incorrect once again.

    I am not sure if crazywp is referring to this in his post but when I remove ‘echo $big_prev_image;’ from index.php it stops this behaviour but then no image loads when you click the ‘large’ tab.

    Any idea how can I stop this behaviour and get them to appear correctly?

    I am using WordPress 3.1.3, and FYI I have the NextGen Gallery Plug In installed as well.



    Ok I have managed to resolve it myself. In case anyone else has the same issue…..

    The custom.js file in Expose 103 has been updated but the custom.js file that is linked here is based on a pre Expose 103 version. To remove the hover effect if you have Expose 103 you need to delete lines 19,20 & 21 from custom.js. The lines that contain this code:

    //applies tooltips with images

    jQuery(‘.gallery_entry’).kriesi_tooltip({applyTooltip: ‘.item_small’ });

    jQuery(‘.gallery_entry’).kriesi_tooltip({className: ‘text_tooltip tooltip’, applyTooltip: ‘.item_big’, tooltipContent:’.gallery_excerpt’});

    Once deleted the hover effect no longer appears.


    Thanks for the hint. Glad that you solved the problem :)

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