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    Just setting up the site. We have a feature image selected, and have set a “Column bar” in the template builder to call call the latest post in three categories. To place an image in the column bar we added feature images to the post.

    The post shows a huge image (the feature image) at the top of the post when you are taken to the single post or look at the posts on the blog page (we call it news.) How do we remove that image from the post?


    A follow up information, we are using the latest posts as the main page, and have a news page that is the normal “blog” page. I just reset the Reading to home page as a static page and “news” as the blog page. Now we have two images on the blog page.

    The standalone post page (single) has one huge image at the top. We would want to remove that.

    Can the template builder affect all the posts. I see how to assign a template to every post when it is written but that will require our end user to assign that. All posts will be the same.


    Hi SteveYoung,

    Are you using the Choices or the Newscast theme? I clicked the link on your name but its using a newscast theme. If you are using choices, then set the Settings > Reading to its default and Go to Choices > Theme Options and set the FrontPage and the Blogpage. Can you post a link to your site? check further and give you a specific css snippet.




    Thanks Ismael, we bought the Choices theme too. Just setting up a new site with it. We have the site under maintenance mode as it is an upgrade to a existing (but dormant) site. I got Devins email but did not need to use it. I can send you a user id if you like.

    This is the last step in formatting for us we have figured out everything else now. Sorry I can not open it up, once we get this issue solved, with our associates approval we will post the link.


    Hi SteveYoung,

    So right now you have this: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    If that is the case, you can try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #top.single-post .slideshow_container {
    display: none;

    If not, you can email me your credentials and an example page.




    Yes that is what I have, except that the image is a portrait image very tall, not a nice wide screen like that. Plus once we hand this over to the end user, they will have no idea what aspect ratio is or how to resize so the image works. For that reason I am thinking just do not have the feature image in the post, unless it is added manually. But we do want them on the home page, in a “columns” element attached to categories so the newest stories (posts) of different types are on the front page.

    I think I recall doing something like this to Newscast, or wanted to do this and never asked.

    Let me try that fix. By the way, your Quick CSS feature is great, I don’t mind editing the source or custom.css, or making a child theme however, making changes possible in the theme options section was a great idea by your team.

    That did it simple fix! Surprised I could not find this when searching before I asked. I would think many would like this feature.



    That took care of the image in the posts when you look at them individually. We still have them in the blog section. I would assume I substitute something where “.single-post” is. I should know this but looking around I can not come up with it.

    I guessed “.blog-meta” but that was not it. “.post-entry” no good too.

    Also the quick CSS where do they go? I thought they would be in the custom.css but I don’t see my attempts above there.

    Thanks in advance again for your help.


    I did find this but if it can be done in css I think it would be better than hacking the source php. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -featured-images


    I sent Devin an email with a login. Since then I did find a CSS fix for this if others need it. .slideshow_container {
    display: none;

    So for others by adding these two changes to your custom.css file it will remove the feature images from above your post when you select a individual post from anywhere on the site, or in the blog section of the site. You can still enter a featured image and it will be used in elements and they will show up in related entries under the post.


    Glad you found a solution that worked for you :)



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