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    I would like to remove the text “Continue reading”, which shows up after the excerpt I’ve typed in at every portfoliopage.

    Where do I fix this?

    Please check website:, if you don’t understand my question.



    You might want to remove the whole portfolio except, it can be done by adding this code to your Quick CSS or custom.css:

    .portfolio_excerpt {
    display: none;


    .portfolio_excerpt {
    display: none !important;




    I’m sorry but I can’t find any css-file with the name QUICK CSS. And in the Custom CSS-file there is only a text saying:

    /* Have fun adding your style here :) – PS: At all times this file should contain a comment or a rule, otherwise opera might act buggy :( */

    with no other content. Have checked the other files too, but haven’t find the code you’re talking about..


    Hi orrarah,

    You can access Quick CSS thru WP Dashboard, inside it, go to Propulsion > Theme Options > Styling > Quick CSS (this is located on the bottom). Just drop the code there and save. Or inside custom.css, after this line of code (or you can put it below):

    /* Have fun adding your style here :) - PS: At all times this file should contain a comment or a rule, otherwise opera might act buggy :( */

    Add the code that I gave you above.

    Note: Add the code either on Quick CSS or custom.css but not on both. :)




    Thanks.. The thing is I want to keep the excerpt and just remove “Continue reading”. Is that possible?


    i cant see these words “Continue Reading” if i set the excerpt manually. try to set youre excerpt manually on every page and the code above works fine!



    Please take a look at this function

    function avia_excerpt($length = 250, $more_text = false, $order = array('more-tag','excerpt'))

    It starts around line 850 till 920 or so in functions-set-avia-frontend.php located in /framework/php/ directory of the theme.

    The more-tag , length and all kinds of goodies are within it to let you give your site the right look and feel.

    However for SEO, completely removing this link will not help you.




    adjusting the code to function avia_excerpt($length = 150, $more_text = false, $order = array('more-tag','excerpt')) made no difference to the length of the excerpt at all . Please advise


    The avia_excerpt() won’t help in this case because Kriesi uses the standard the_excerpt function. Two possible solutions.

    1) Use a filter to change the excerpt length – see: (insert the code at the end of functions.php)

    2) Use the excerpt field on the editor page (can be found underneath the “big” text editor field). This field also allows you to use a different excerpt text which is a good idea if you want to avoid duplicate text content.


    Inserted above code into functions.php to control the length. It works as expected. I wish I could control it by the size of the exerpt by pixel size so all my boxes were uniform in the portfolio.



    Yes, unfortunately this is not easily possible and would require a (probably complex) jquery calculation…

    Best regards,


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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