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    How can I remove the automatic generated thumbnails beneath my slideshows, posts and pages?

    i.e. (thumbnails beneath the product line-up)





    can you check the url please – when I try to access I just get a server not found error?



    The link works for me.

    Try and look under ‘PRODUKTER’. there you will find the thumbnails, which are just copies of the actual slideshow on the page.

    It is EXTREMELY important for me to solve this!




    Hi Martin,

    You should just be able to delete the [gallery] shortcode within the pages editing area. It will show up as a big blue box with a camera on it. If that doesn’t work, could you tell me the settings you have for that page under Gallery Options. I want to make sure I’m re-creating everything correctly to try and find the issue.

    Thank you,



    Hi Devin

    Thank you for responding! Actually I have managed, for once, to solve this issue myself. Found another gallery plugin, ‘portfolio slideshow’, which is exactly what I want and with their shortcode it is possible to exclude feature images within the shortcode when creating a gallery.

    Anyway thanks,



    Glad that you solved the problem.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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