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    I saw this advice on a similar post (but for Shoutbox):

    “You can find that on (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .php, edit the file and find this code


    Below that is the text you are looking for.”

    I have located this information in my files, but I have no idea what to delete, edit or change to remove “Archive for category:” and the box it comes in.

    I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!



    Open up (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .php and replace all occurences of:

    $output = __('Archive for


    $output = __('

    Best regards,




    Thank you, Peter.

    That worked, but now instead it reads: “category:…”

    Can I also get rid of this?

    And remove ‘Categories’ and Tags’ from beneath the post title?

    e.g. Categories: Home + garden, Recipes – Tags: chestnuts, edible, found, horse chestnut, Netherlands, poisonous, roasted, sweet chestnuts, tree

    from here:


    Hi peas,

    If I’m understanding correctly, you’re wanting to hide the entire “category Home + Garden” text and box, yes? If so, add this to your custom.css or Quick CSS.

    body.category-75 .firstheading {

    What this will do is remove that area only from the Home + Garden category page (the one you referenced). If you want to remove that area from all category pages then you would use this:

    body.category .firstheading { display: none; }

    To remove the categories and tags from beneath the post title, you would use this:

    body.category-75 .blog-categories {
    display: none;

    Again, this removes them for this category page only. If you want to remove them across board you would use:

    .blog-categories { display: none; }

    Hope this helps!




    Hi Mya,

    Thanks for your reply!! I was able to get rid o the ‘category:’ bit! Thank you!

    But the categories and tags are still in the posts. I tried both options, for the categories page and across the board, but neither worked. Did I maybe enter the code in the wrong spot…I was to also add this to custom.css, right?




    Open up brightbox/includes/loop-index.php and delete following code to get rid of the tags/categories:

    $cats = get_the_category();
    echo '<span class="blog-categories">';
    echo '<strong>Categories: </strong>';
    the_category(', ');
    the_tags('<strong>'.__(' - Tags: ','avia_frameworkt').'</strong>');
    echo '</span>';

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