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    On the item page the related products are pushed over and one is cut off. I’ve tried changing the theme from stretched to not and it;s the same either way.

    I also tried commenting out the related products area as described in another post on this site but that gave me an error message at the bottom of the page. Ideas anyone?


    i’ve set it to only show 3 related products (much better visually speaking, imho) and made a little add to custom.css:

    #top .product_column_3 .products .product {

    width: 30.6%;


    hope it helps.



    Can’t help to solve your problems but I have issues with my related products too: cannot or don’t know how to choose what is supposed to be displayed in this part. Could you tell me where this is something I can set up please?

    many thanks,



    Thanks for the suggestion ernexto but that didn’t change anything. It already is showing only 3 products it’s just that the thumbnail for the 3rd is cut in half. Any other ideas anyone?

    boudoirs – I haven’t tried to enter related products to a specific product since there are only a few products (books) on my site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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