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    I’ve been having issues with the related products: it shows some with no relation at all actually.

    It seems that at least some people do know where to go to set up how many products shoule be display in that part.

    Do you know if there a way to set this up or is it random for everybody?

    Many thanks,




    As far as I know you can control the related products by configuring the “Upsells/Cross sells” of a product.

    Best regards,



    hi Dude,

    It’s not efficient enough, and even less relevant to be honest :)

    but looking on the fourm some people say they can set up some stuff so I’d like to know hiw they do it :)

    thanks a lot anymway



    Well, in fact looking at the Abundance live demo “related products” are all relevants:

    no rings related to a camera or pants…

    Could you please consult with Kriesi how he did that please?

    It seems I am really not alone havng this issue and suppose a lot of people would appreciate to know how to deal with it :)

    again many thanks,



    Hi Sophie,

    The items are set up through the individual product as Peter specified. Its not efficient when dealing with a large store no, but that is how the WooCommerce plugin does it unless there is an additional extension for the plugin that changes that basic functionality.




    Hi Devin,

    In fact what you set with “cross sells” is the products you might display on the cart page, and up sells are the one appearing in “what you may like too” but none of those functions allow to define what should appear as related product… Would you ask Kriesi how did he do on the Abundance demo please?

    many thanks



    In the meanwhile could you tell me where is the part I should remove for not having “related products appearing” please?

    Many thanks,



    You can add the following to your Quick CSS to hide the related products:

    .related.products {
    display: none;


    it works great thanks a lot Devin, have a nice week-end!!


    Great! Will let you know if we hear back from Kriesi on the other question.


    Yes please, it’s very strange how I see the abundance demo and how when we buy and use it gives a different result.


    Just a quick update on this. Related products is done by the Product Category. To restrict a product from showing something unrelated, you’ll need to make sure they don’t share a category.




    Hi Devin,

    thks for the tip, I would have checked to let you know but I squizzed the related products from my pages.

    just for you to know,& if I remember well, it was for example showing some “décoration” products while looking some clothing stuff.

    anyhow I have to fix some more important things right now…

    keep this for when the website is stabilized

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