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    I was able to get Random Products to show up in the sidebar of product pages, is there a way to get Related Products to show up there instead?

    Is there away to have a unique sidebar at the product page level. Seems that you can only have different content in the sidebar per category, but not different for each product.




    Please go to Flashlight > Sidebar in the backend. All the way on the bottom there is an option to “Select a PAGE that should receive a new widget area” using a dropdown box which lists every page in the blog. Use the + symbol to add additional pages and save when you finishThen go to Appearance > Widgets , and you will see the pages you chose listed.

    The related products show up below, not in a sidebar. You can check ( for a list of all complementing plugins offered by Woo. If you go to Products > select a product, and about 2/3 down the page there is a horizontal tabbed set of options with one of the options being related products.

    Good Luck!



    Thanks for the walkthrough on how to add a sidebar to unique pages, however I knew about that method. Unfortunately, individual products pages do not show up in the list. Here’s an example of what I am trying to accomplish. There is one chair in our products that needs to have a list of downloadable PDFs in its sidebar, but they do not need to appear anywhere else on the Website. Currently, there is a single products widget, but anything you put in there ends up on all products. Can I get this to work the way I am requesting?

    Thanks Nick. I’ve since learned that a related products widget does not exists and it’s a huge undertaking to tweak the PHP files to make it work. Seems very short sighted of Woo to not already have such a widget. Oh well.



    Yes I saw your post on the Woo forum just now when I took a quick look if any related items plugins for woo exist. Not sure also why it doesn’t exist. Doesn’t seem that difficult to build as long as the related products are pre-defined, and the plugin remains on the sidebar. Next weekend I will give it a try. Have it dynamically change the related products in the side bar widget based on the product displayed from predefined info in backend.Will let you know what came of it.

    I don’t think that unique sidebars for specific products are feasible without making things too complex. You need to ask Woo, and from the looks of it, if it was doable, it would already be released. However having extra fields on the product page to change elements of the sidebar widget is an interesting idea I will pass along to Kriesi. Thanks!

    Good luck,



    Thanks, Nick. Please keep me posted if you come up with anything.

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