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    click on any post on this page (archive for “natural hair” tag) – there are (6) to choose from. You’ll note that there is no related posts area beneath the bio. this is one of the key reasons your theme was interesting. please advise.

    if you can please tell me:

    1) the threshold for getting a related post – is it you have to have 10 posts with a tag, or what?

    2) where I can set that threshold to a lower value – so that i can have some related posts magic going on here…

    the source used for this single page is identical to that of the source provided with the download – i can provide if needed.



    it’s a bit strange – some posts display a related post section like: and some posts don’t. It seems like WP can’t get the tags for some posts although they’re tagged correctly (and you can see the tags in the footer). Can you create me an admin account and send me the login details to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll have a look into it.


    sending that note to you shortly.


    figured it out (its not me, its the template – sorry). there is some tricky logic going on here:

    1) for related posts to work, there is some connection between the tag DISPLAY name and its SLUG name

    2) for tag’s whose DISPLAY name is one word – the SLUG is auto generated as that one word and everything works swimmingly

    3) for tag’s whose DISPLAY name are two words – the SLUG is auto generated as the “two-words” and NO RELATED POSTS RENDER

    4) the only way to get related posts to render for tag’s whose DISPLAY name are two words, is to modify the SLUG to ONLY be the FIRST word. So, for example:

    tag name: This Tag

    tag slug: this-tag

    will not render related posts even if there a multiple posts tagged with “This Tag”


    if you modify ONLY the tag slug from: “this-tag” TO “this”

    All posts tagged with the “This Tag” will show the related posts beneath the post.

    very bizarre logic. Can’t we just tie it to the slug name or even easier slug_id?

    while you all be providing a fix for this? while you’re at it could you describe briefly the best method to change the “?” image for related posts that don’t have featured images? I understand the functionality can’t be undone by you, but a point to where we could definitively change the default image for that would be helpful.



    also, unrelated but wondering, why did you add several css files to this theme? as in: css/styles1.css and style.css at the root?

    I ask because i find the wp editor v useful for that quick revision/update to all wp files… but I can’t get at your css/styles1.css file without ftp.

    wondering the logic here, if none in particular, maybe fore the future you add it all to one file, or add all .css to the root so its accessible in the wp dash.


    figured it out.

    Single Post (single.php)

    change this:

    $output .= “<span class=’blank_image’>?</span>”;

    to this:

    $output .= “<span class=’blank_image’></span>”;

    obviously this will remove the default question mark.

    In the .css you can goto either: style1.css in the /css folder and change this class’s background (#top .related_posts .blank_image) to whatever you want (add a custom background image, color, etc.)

    or you can go into the wp editor style.css file, search for the same class, add a background selector, and “!important” before the closing semi-colon of your desired background style.



    1)I’ll report this thread to Kriesi, maybe he can improve the related post logic.

    2)Glad that you found a solution for the question mark removal. At the moment it’s not possible to add thumbnails without using the featured image option.

    3) The stylesheets are in a seperate folder because all themes offer different skins. Some themes offer five or more skins and the main folder would be overloaded with files. I wouldn’t use WP’s editor anyway because it destroys the formatting of the css files….


    didn’t know that about the wp editor. i’ve been modding there since i bough the theme (as well for custom developed themes i’ve done) and hadn’t noticed that. thanks for the word on the fix. I’ll be looking for an update – would one be posted here when it’s done? could you email me?


    We’ll release an update notice. Please check the forum for updates every few days. I reported the related post problem to Kriesi.


    This is a problem with wordpress version lower than 3.1. Once I have released an updated version of habitat (will be uploaded today, probably available tomorrow morning) if you update wordpress to version 3.1 as well, you should be able to use multi word tags :)


    Seems that the multi word tag is still not working :(


    Hi ronan3522,

    If you are having issues with it please make a new topic with a link to the posts/pages on your site. This is an old old old topic so anything in it isn’t relevant any longer :)



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