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    Please can you clarify where the images for related posts are coming from ?

    I have a lot of legacy posts I have imported that have images embeded in them that aren’t being picked up and used for the related posts.





    you need to set a gallery image – it will be used as related post thumbnail.


    Please specify gallery image. I am using Corona template and only renders static images and Vimeo images as thumbnails in Related Posts. See example of 3 YouTube video thumnails that are not being rendered at the bottom as related posts. I am using the “Add Featured Media” option. I also tried add additional static images along with YouTube url. I also tried static image by itself, which also added a very large image in the posts, which I would like to remove if possible.



    if the featured media is a video a fallback thumbnail will be used. It’s not possible to display the youtube, vimeo, etc. player/image as related post thumbnail.


    Thanks. Is it possible to make a gallery of featured static images and video and have related posts always pull the first image instead of trying to pull the video thumbnail? How is related posts different from the other thumbnail renderings. I think there may be a way to just cache all of the videos thumbnails then just use the static image as featured video with an embeddable link programmatically. What php/js files are responsible for featured image/embedded video custom field functionality in the portfolio posts?

    Thanks in advance.


    You can compare the files includes/related-posts.php and includes/loop-portfolio.php – whereas the portfolio calls the slider function, the related-posts template just displays the first image of the slideshow array. The reason is that (very small) slideshows/embedded media cause display errors and ui bugs.


    Thanks, that is very helpful info. I will also be looking at how other WP templates and plugins go about creating thumbnails from streaming/embedded media and see if I can come up with a hybrid solution.

    I wish that I could promatically force a one size thumnail solution for slideshow items, that would be helpful.

    Also, how is order determined in a slideshow. is it the first media added as featured item?

    BTW, is this a custom forum mechanism that you designed? Also is there a way to get notifications for replies to posts?




    Hmm, I did a search for Related Posts and this was as close to the answer as I could come up with. Except, well, set gallery image? Can you please walk me through this? Right now, I don’t have the images uploaded via Flashlight’s Image Gallery. I’ve been having problems with it (images don’t show up). Is this where the image has to be in order to be set for the Related Post image? If so, it didn’t work… I uploaded to the Image Gallery, refreshed the blog page that had the related post link, and no image.

    Sorry if I’m being an idiot about this, but I’d love for it to work since I just started using tags and this (related posts) showed up when I did. :)

    Thanks a bunch!



    Bump in case it was missed…


    Hi Karen,

    Yes, it must be using Flashlights gallery which is the green Upload underneath the post’s visual editor. The post should then display related posts based on common tags.

    Make sure after uploading on the individual post that you save the post and that when you go back to it you can see the image(s) in the Gallery Options area under the Image Gallery sub heading.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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