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    Hello Kriesi Team :)

    I have a question regarding related items:

    they don’t look nicely stacked (as visible here:

    Is it possible to force it so it only displays 4 items? with a custom css? I tried to use the quick css but I guess I didn’t try the right inputs.

    Thanks very much in advance :)



    Sure – open up includes/related-posts.php and replace following line:

    $postcount 			= ($columns * 2);


    $postcount 			= ($columns * 1);

    Best regards,



    Thanks Peter,

    is it also possible to remove them all together?

    Also, it seems that in some cases a portfolio image gets up-scaled to fit the page width – is that avoidable with smaller images?


    Hi Kyena,

    Do you mean you want the related entries to be removed? Sure it’s possible, but they look great and they were the first things i looked at on that page.

    To remove them all, please add this to Quick CSS:

    .related_posts.stretch_full {display: none}

    On this page,, the related images are not neatly lined up because their titles are over one line long.

    When dealing with art its best to custom crop it prior to uploading to ensure it comes out right. But you can set constraints to ensure that it doesn’t become huge in WordPress backend > Settings > Media. Good luck. Great art.




    Nick, thanks so much the code worked like a charm :)

    Still not sure about the up-scaling. The issues is that some of the art is smaller and then gets stretched up to fit the whole layout. That’s especially a problem with long small images. Since he has a lot of these it would be a time consuming job to make custom images for all of these.

    Isn’t there a way to disable it for images that are smaller then a set size?

    This is a good example:


    Hi Kyena,

    Please go to Settings > Media, and there is a check-box (if you have latest WordPress) which when unchecked will keep the original proportions of the image. You may want to look on or a similar eCommerce site to get an idea about how to go about displaying irregular sized objects. (curtain rods or flag poles for example). II believe a number of shops show a category label on the related products field when the size or shape makes it unfeasible to display it in a meaningful way, and only the products page shows what the actual item looks like.

    That’s a strange phenomenon with the image. display. The image itself is of normal size, but for some reason its being forced to be display 3 times larger proportionally. I am taking a look at this now.




    Thanks Nick, looking forward to hear about the strange phenomenon :)



    Please open the functions.php and line 65 or so there is a list of dimensions and directives for image constraints as well as if they should be cropped. Make sure the constraints are how you want them.

    Also right now you are inserting the portfolio image as a slider, would you please check on the partfolio page to make sure you aren’t animating a single image slider. In the back-end open up the portfolio page with the huge image, and see what settings are used to display it, and change them. It may be that the reason why some images resize and other don’t is a discrepancy in those settings.

    You can also add a maximum constraint on height or width for the portfolio image by adding the following code to Quick CSS and changing the constraints how you would like the image to look. Unfortunately if there is a mix of images, some very tall and thin, while others very wide and very short, it is difficult to find constraints dynamically to achieve the result you are looking for.

    .slideshow_container.slide_container_static {max-width: 300px; max-height:300px}




    Thank you very much Nick,

    I try to work with that :)


    Glad Nick was able to help :)




    Not sure what you meant by inserted as a slider – the images is inserted at the bottom of the portfolio page within the featured media section. Is that incorrect? Another example. It gets upsized on the actual page, then downsized on the lightbox.

    All I would like is to display the actual size of this image -.- The one you get after clicking on the image then clicking on the top right button thingie. We do not need all the resizing in between for smaller images.



    I am sorry i think I used too many words to describe something best shown. If you look here , The top image shows the settings for the portfolio item page shown in a slider format ( This format needs two or more images for the portfolio item, since a slideshow with one photo is surreal.

    The setting in the second image on the same url, show the settings if you do not want a slider shown on the portfolio item page but instead want to list the photo(s) one below the other as in (

    This page : has a slideshow of one image, please look at that portfolio page and see if the settings are similar to what the 2nd image show




    Thank you that helps a ton!

    I really appreciate all the help and will definitely mention how great the support is for this theme :)


    Thank you very much, we do our best.

    Enjoy the theme!

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