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    Hi guys,

    How do I populate the Thumbnail that shows up on “related entries” when viewing a single post?

    Thanks again!


    Hi MichaelStults,

    You just need to add images to the featured media/gallery meta box below the visual editor for your posts.





    Appreciate your time in responding!

    When I add an image to that area, my understanding that is for the slideshow in the header area.

    How do I tell it to only use an image for the “thumbnail” image for the “related entries” boxes at the bottom of the posts?

    I know it has to be easy but must be over looking something pretty simple.


    I think I may understand now. So if I want a thumbnail for the related entries, it will always show the full image above each post which in return would have the thumbnail and all the other sizes it auto makes once the picture is uploaded?

    Would that be correct?




    Yes that’s correct. You can try to change the “Slideshow behavior on overview pages” option. (Flagship > Theme Options > Layout & Settings). Maybe the “Display default slideshow on overview pages and on single entries” setting will help you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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