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    I just bought the Upscale theme yesterday and I absolutely love it! Excellent work!

    I have a question though, about the portfolio. If I understand it correctly, portfolio content is not picked from regular blog posts. Instead I need to create Portfolio items.

    As I want to show most of my blog posts in different portfolios (beside the regular blog view), I thought I could simply create all my regular blog posts as portfolio items. And then my portfolios would be “updated” with content automatically :-) and they would link to the appropriate post as well.

    But that won´t work right? ‘Cause if I do it that way, then my blog posts (i.e. portfolio items) won´t show up on the Blog page, neither the Archives or within the Latest posts.

    Basically what I´m looking for is to blog the regular way and having my blog posts shown both on my Blog page, as well as in the portfolios, without having to create them twice (duplicate content issues).

    Is that possible?



    because WordPress differentiates between “custom post types” and “standard” posts it’s not possible to mix them. I see no “easy” way to show both post types on one page.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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