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    Hey team – did you close my ticket (url below) I’m not sure if I can expect to hear from you on this – please let me know

    Thanks – Matt


    Hi mjpeter!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    Yes, I’m sorry if we closed the thread. You said that you hired someone to work on the site so we assumed that the thread is closed. If you’re still looking for Peter, we will notify him again about your inquiry.

    Best regards,


    Hi – yes please . I would like to get back in contact with Peter – please ask him to reach out to me at (Email address hidden if logged out) AND (Email address hidden if logged out) – thanks very much



    We have notified him already, but as i mentioned earlier, he is very busy lately and it may take a while for him to contact you.



    Thanks. I appreciate that. In the event that Peter is not available in a timeframe I require, I would be happy to hear from any of your other colleagues might be interested in some work on our project . As always, I look forward to your reply.



    You can request a quote here – :)



    Hi, I went to codeable, is that kriesi people or 3rd party site with coders – like I tried to fill the ticket from you link and it didn’t work . After creating codeable account I went to your page, got a message that said “an account with this email already exists”. I’ll just put the job directly on Codeable, and paste it here. If peter or anyone else over there is interested – let me know. If not – thanks very much for the help

    “We have a website that needs an upgrade. It needs to be mobile ready for google. We need to install plugs to integrate user sign in, reward type program to have kids come write stories, integrate a good forms plug in to the user registration so that users can create posts, Needs strong SEO, Social Media Sharing, etc. We have a design in mind for develop to start with. – We are US based and require good communication skills for a relationship with our develop, not a fast job.”



    I don’t think Peter will be able to do this now so I will ask the team if they are interested in the project. For now, you can visit sites like codeable:


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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