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    I asked this question months ago and although I did eventually get a response (after repeated reminders) it ignored the question I’d actually asked and ‘answered’ something that I hadn’t asked and didn’t have a problem with.


    On the ../portfolio_entries/.. pages, how do I make the slideshow / images a quarter or a third of the size with the text to right whilst keeping the sidebar.


    The images are embarrasingly huge.

    I want them about a quarter / third of the size with the text to the right, like a conventional blog archive page that has a thumbnail on the left and text on the right whilst still keeping the sidebar.


    – The actual portfolio section and pages are OK – I’ve resized those sucessfully

    – The problem is with archive pages that the portfolio section also generates i.e. all urls containing ../portfolio_entries./ …

    – I’ve used Firebug and can see it is calling template-blog which in turn calls other templates at which point I’ve got totally lost.

    – I don’t mind if this also changes the blog layout – in fact that would be good.

    I’m very pleased with theme and have managed to tweak and sort out everything else except this one niggle that this has got me totally stumped.


    Hi univiz,

    The archive for the portfolio items is generated with the same loop the gets the blog except there aren’t any different post types for them. So you can change the layout for both the standard blog post types and the portfolio item archives by changing the file includes>format-standard.php.

    It isn’t a simple change however as you would be doing a significant change on the entire layout. Looking at the layout now, I think you might even need to create a container div for the slideshow so that you can force its size down by a percent specific to that layout/page. We aren’t however available to do this kind of customization through support so if you aren’t comfortable with editing the css/html/php to that level, I would recommend looking into a freelance web developer.




    Hello Devin

    Thanks for your feedback.

    In the meantime and as an interim measure (or probably permanent) I’ve figured out by trial and error how to reduce all the slideshow images and container sizes down to match the front page portfolio so image sizes are no longer an issue.

    I’m now trying to get the image to the left of the text on the blog and portfolio_entries template. Thanks for the heads-up on format-standard.php – I had got totally confused over which template part did what. Now I know which template to edit I should be able to get it sorted.

    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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