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    Can’t seem to figure out where the code is for this. I’m trying to reduce the height of the box that contains the “get in touch” button and the text to the left of it (in the live preview, the text is “Hello! We are Levitation, A small Vienna Based…”). Where is the code for that box, so I can reduce both the font size and the height?



    Hi vonburgenstein,

    The Get in touch button is an image, and you can find it here: wp-content/themes/levitation/images/skin1/button_get_in_touch.png, its CSS code can be found in style1.css and find this line of code:





    Yes, I know I can replace that button itself (and will need to when I get a new button designed), but I would also like to resize the font of the text to the left of that button, and reduce the amount of space above and below the button (and text to the left of the button).


    Hi vonburgenstein,

    Try to add this code at the bottom of style.css:

    .additional_info h2 {
    font-size: 16px !important;

    Just adjust the font size value. Hope this helps.




    Ok, that definitely helped with the font size. However, now the logo for the get in touch button is not centered in the remaining space. How do I get that lined up?


    Hi vonburgenstein,

    Can you post a link to your site? so we can check it further and give you accurate css snippets. :)




    Unfortunately I’m creating it locally and then uploading once it’s pretty much finished. The best I can do is try to describe it. The code you gave me above definitely helped with resizing the font of the text to the left of the get in touch button. But, with that, the line below that area moved up, partially covering the bottom of the get in touch button. The space above the text and the button remained the same size. The text appears to be centered between the two lines, but the button is not, if that makes sense.


    Hi vonburgens,

    Can you take a screenshot for us? That should help us.You can use a service like to post the image here.




    Here you go Mya:

    My goal is to make the text to the left of the get in touch button and the button itself be centered between the horizontal lines that are above and below those items.


    site exists now–



    Find .get_in_touch on the style.css. Change the top position to 5px.




    Awesome! You’re the man Ismael. Now to figure out how to change the appearance of that button for my own designs (but I won’t put that on you). (Just want to change the text in the button image to read “Client Login” or “Client Portal” instead of “get in touch”).


    Glad Ismael could help :)



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