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    I have 4 pictures sized to 940×420 in my slider. However when they transition from one picture to another there is a thick red border. How do I fix that? the site is at

    Thanks in advance


    Hi sukumariyer,

    I noticed the issue, however, I don’t know how to fix that issue. Let me tag the rest of the support to check the issue.





    I noticed that all images are png images. Did you try jpg images? Maybe Cu3er doesn’t support png images very well and Kriesi uses jpgs on his demo page too.




    Whoa didnt realize there had been replies. Please check again. This time they are all JPEG images, still same problem with red borders.

    The thing is initially when I installed the theme this problem was not there. I have the original styles.css, am wondering if some WordPress update is the culprit?

    Any other ideas?


    Another interesting observation is that along with this problem the entire slider also has shifted left. You can see that from the position of the left/right arrows and the timer on top right. Weird.



    Visiting the site again I noticed that the red border is gone. Did you fix it?





    No the issue is still there. If I use IE or Chrome I see the red borders on transition. What browser are you using?



    I just tested the site in Firefox and Chrome and see no red border. Are you sure you’re not caching the old images before you switched to JPGs?



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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