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    I’ve hit a bit of a wall with setting up W3 Total Cache on my site. Our web host have recommended we optimise the scripts and images to improve our site speed.

    So starting with scripts I’m trying to work with W3 Total Cache and am just not sure I’m using the right settings?

    I’ve enabled minify and browser cache but not sure if I’ve picked the right settings within them? Should I look into using CDN at all?


    Thank you


    Hi summerrane,

    I think enabling minify and browser cache is one of the best ways to optimize your site speed. And Yes, you should try using a CDN, this will greatly reduce your page load time. :)




    Hi Ismael. Thanks for that. I’d already enabled minify and browser cache but the site’s still running slow and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using the wrong combination of settings? Would be good to know which settings to use specifically as I don’t want to break the site by ticking the wrong box.

    I’ve been going to W3TC support forum and other blogs to try and find the right answer but am still yet to find anything that’s really helped speed up the site. I’m even wondering if perhaps I should give WP Super Cache a try?


    Hi summerrane,

    Can you post a link to your site? so we can just check it further.




    Thank you! It’s


    Hi Ismael. Just to update I’ve added a number of .js and .css files to the minify tab in W3TC and now the add to cart/detail options that used appear on thumbnail hover has disappeared?

    And we’ve had a report from a customer that our site appears scrambled somehow :( Still finding out more info.


    Hi summerrane,

    I don’t think minifying it would cause the issue but try to undo your steps and check the minifying those files causes the issue. I checked your site and I’m not experiencing those issues.




    OK Thanks Ismael. I’ve deactivated W3TC and the add to cart hover function has come back but not sure what to do about our speed now. We’ve closed for maintenance whilst we try to figure some things out.


    Hi summerrane,

    Just undo the steps, don’t deactivate w3tc. Try to do these steps (after every step, check the site if there are errors that occur):

    1.) Enable CDN.

    2.) Enable page cache

    3.) Enable database cache

    4.) Enable object cache

    5.) Enable browswer cache

    6.) Using Minify, try to use other JS Minifier and CSS Minifier.

    If an error occur then undo the step and skip it. Hop e this is helpful.




    Hi Ismael, thanks for that and sorry for the late reply. I read in a separate thread that database and object cache should be disabled but you say enable them?




    It depends on your website. If you want to use WooCommerce with Propulsion I wouldn’t cache the database or objects because this will break the website for “guests” (are not logged in).




    Hi Dude, yep I use it with woocommerce so I’ll leave database and objects unchecked. Thanks again!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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