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    My website is NOT mainly a store, but I do want a shop page to sell some products! Any experience with a good plugin since woocommerce and jigoshop don’t work?



    A list of recommended shop plugins can be found here: If you’re looking for a free plugin I recommend the “PayPal Shopping cart” (link can be found in the “recommended plugins” thread.


    I’m interested in tribulant, but it seems this is a problem? can you elaborate?

    “However there’s one drawback you should be aware of: Tribulant doesn’t support Custom Post Types for products yet – this means that all products will be published as standard posts or pages which is (imho) ok for small shops or dedicated shop websites however this maybe a problem if you want to run a standard website (blog, many pages) with a shop section (because of overview reasons, etc.). Tribulant provides excellent user support and the author promised that he’ll release an update which includes custom post types for products soon (they’re already working on this feature).”


    This can be a problem if you’d like to add many products and standard posts/pages to your shop. Basically the plugin just supports posts/pages at the moment which CAN make it difficult to maintain your products. Eg you’d have the same problem if Corona would use standard posts for portfolio entries AND blog posts – if you just want to use blog posts or portfolio entries you can maintain them easily but if you’ve several (lets say 50 portfolio and 30 blog) entries of both “types” it can be quite hard to maintain them. In the worst case you’ll get a list of all 80 entries. The drawback is that the products will be saved as standard posts or pages and are not “marked” as custom post type entries like eg portfolio entries or woocommerce products.


    I see. shoot. I have like 80 products to sell. That means it would make 80 pages or posts then? So what is one to do if he wants a shop and corona?




    Hey! Unfortunatley I cant recommend anything here that would work out of the box without modifications, other than using a theme like propulsion which has a very similar style to corona and comes with woocommerce support.

    Other than that I guess there is no plugin that works so well that you can install it and dont even need to adjust the CSS. If any I would of course try woocommerce but chances are that without optimization if a plugin which is coded that nice wont look to good :/


    So is the only problem with using woocommerce That it won’t look good? Everything in theory would still work?



    No because the product templates are not compatible and some of them even break the output. I’d use tips & tricks estore in your case.



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