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    There have been two recent bugs within your theme on my site: http://www.thebrooklynnomad.com/

    Despite having not changed anything, the slider has stopped working and now appears to be a static image, and a widget that was previously in the sidebar is now displaying below the posts. How can I fix both of these?



    Looking at the site I can see that there has been quite a bit of customisation, it’s looking good.

    The slider problem is probably a jQuery conflict caused by the additional code included by the plugins. The quick test here is to disable all your plugins, and activate one-by-one testing the slider to see which one stops it working. Or it could be a combination of 2 or more plugins conflicting when they’re both active.

    The “Site Awards” text widget appears to be outside of the sidebar (at least according to the source code) which suggest one of a few problems has happened:

    1.) the widget was placed outside the sidebar area.

    2.) a plugin has closed the #sidebar div because of a coding error and the next widget is on its own (you’ll only be able to find out by disable / re-enabling one-by-one) – more likely because the widget was originally in the sidebar.

    Something has changed if these problems have just occurred, if you added a widget / plugin or cleared your cache and a previous bug which was there (but hidden by cached files) has just surfaced check what may have changed or refer to a recent backup to restore the site functionality.



    Next question: Is it possible to keep the post thumbnails from showing up on the individual post view? I would like them to show up on the main blog page, but not when a reader views an individual post. Is this possible?

    Also – where in the coding is the section for the contact bar at the top? I want to change the contact envelope link to be an email link.


    I tried deactivating the plugins, but still had the same problem with the slider. Any other ideas?


    Have you tried switching the slider to a different version ie one of the other options of the slider?

    Also are you sure you have tagged the posts you want to appear in the slider with the correct Category so that they are picked up by the slider? For example can you duplicate the post that shows on the slider with a different date? Are you also sure it is not set to show only one event/post?


    The posts thumbnails appearing on the page is something you did. You can remove the thumbnails by manually removing the code for the image that would be at the top of the post.

    For your next posts, only do the featured image and do NOT click the link that says Insert Into Post but only upload the image and select Use as Featured Image only and just save. many people seem to be making the same mistake.

    As a side note, I am not sure your adclick counter is the best solution. I would recommend changing your code to open a new window instead of going to the ad site. Also it only seems that your first ad is being counted. None of the other ads are being counted.

    Kriesi you may want to add a ad click counter in your templates since you already provide the functionality of providing ads.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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