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    Hi there, I have a question regarding the home page which is currently using the dynamic template.

    Just like on your demo site, ‘live preview’ we have a slider, followed by three columns, followed by two columns. In one of these two columns I have displaying the ‘Most Recent Blog Posts’ which appears on the home page with the associated image fine except that it shows the entire post content.

    I’ve tried creating an excerpt in the wordpress panel but it doesn’t seem to have an effect (although this worked fine for the three columns above which link to ‘pages’).

    Ideally I would like the ‘Most Recent Blog Posts’ to be displayed with an excerpt and a ‘read more’ link below it just like it is on the demo site. It may just be a simple thing I’ve overlooked but any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. If necessary I can provide a screenshot.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi dualcreative,

    The theme makes use of the more tag to break up content for overview pages and preview feeds. See:




    Brilliant, this has worked perfectly. Except, is there a way to turn over the ‘read more’ onto the next line underneath the excerpt (at the moment it’s displaying it immediately after the excerpt) without affecting the post content?

    No real problem if not, my original query has been resolved. Thanks again.


    I believe as long as you have put the more tag on a line by itself it will display on its own line. So adding it in right after your second sentence in a post will get you the results you see on the demo here for Most Recent Blog entries:



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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