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    go to and see on the blog preview the readmore link? it works great to bring you to that blog post, there is still a readmore link in the blog post, and when you click it it brings you to the same page. any ideas?


    very strange!

    did you apply a dynamic template to the post that has a blog applied to it? that could explain this behaviour, since something like that wont work of course…

    If you want to use a dynamic template for your single posts you should add a slideshow and the post content.

    If you didnt do that you can send me your login details to and I will take a look myself


    I’m confused you said a dynamic template for

    a blog won’t work, but then you recommend that I try one?

    So I indeed did have a dynamic template on my blog because I want a full width slideshow at the top with a medium

    Blog w/ right side bar immediately under it. Changing to default blog post fixes the problem, but it is not the look I desire.



    I didnt make myself clear enough:

    Using a blog overview element for a single blog entry in a dynamic template simply wont work since you will never be able to view the standalone post.




    Damn. So this totally ruins the style I have going through my website which is a full width slideshow atop every page:

    Is there no way to get the above desired effect for a blog then? And be able to have the read more option?

    Simply not having a slideshow at the top of every page and the page content starting right away also gives me problems because my breadcrumb’s margins are specifically set to be just below where the slideshow usually is. As you know in another thread I’m working on moving breadcrumbs just incase I don’t find a solution :(

    Is there perhaps a third party solution for a different Read More?



    Did you try to use the “slideshow” element to display the slideshow? You don’t need to use the dynamic blog element if you just want to display a slideshow of a specific post/page?




    Well for all my blogs I want a MASTER slideshow if you will, not the current post’s image. All posts will share the same master slideshow (a graphic of a car with text that will say blogs). And this master slideshow was located on the blogs page.

    See how this sample blog:

    shares the same master slideshow as this other sample blog:

    Now, I wouldn’t mind perhaps having every blog post just having it’s content’s own slide show, but I’m not sure it’s possible to get the large full width slide show with ONLY the post underneath it with no preview image. See what I mean?


    UPDATE: OMG I’m so stupid! I had in the template the element BLOG in my dynamic template instead of POST! I think this may actually work… I’ll have to check it when I get home.


    I’m not sure if you already noticed this option but you can select a specific slideshow. Add the slideshow element to the template and click on the arrow (right side) to expand the slideshow element options. Instead of “Display the slideshow of this entry” select “Choose a Page” and select any page of your choice.


    yup, the problem was I was displaying my blog as BLOG instead of POST CONTENT! Silly me. Now I can have it exactly as I wanted!


    Hey metropolitandetail,

    Glad it was a simple fix :)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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