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    Hi there,

    I am not getting any “read more” button or link on my category pages.


    Can you post a link please.


    Scratch that: see here for the read more problem

    I get the “read more” in the portfolios but not the sortable function. See (I have enabled sortable columns)

    Also, is it possible to add other content to the page assigned for the Portfolio?


    To make the sorting function work you need to add featured images to your portfolio posts/entries. The option can be found on the right side (right sidebar) of your post editor.

    I’m sorry, it’s currently not possible to add other (text) content to portfolio pages.


    Thanks. What about the Read More problem? See


    It looks like the more tag appears for certain posts (top ten tips, law society complains, etc.). Maybe you don’t use the <!–more–> for all posts? Use this tag like

    and I told him that he should get moving or I'd be
    on him like a limpet. He looked at me with shock on
    his face and said


    more text content....


    “I’m sorry, it’s currently not possible to add other (text) content to portfolio pages. “

    I am trying to customize the template page to display the content of the page with no luck. Do you know why it is not working? I am able to display the page title, but not the content.



    The problem is that the portfolio pages use other templates than “normal” pages. So if go to a page which is used as a portfolio WP ignores the content of this page and uses Kriesis option instead (so assigned portfolio categories, etc.). The conclusion is that it’s currently not possible without rewriting/modifying some parts of the framework code.


    Thanks for the reply. What would it involve to modify the framework code? Can you point me in the right direction about while files to modify or suggest someone who would be able to help? It would really add the functionality that we need in this site.



    I must admit I don’t know it exactly – an easy workaround could be to set a global variable with the page content.


    Thanks for the tip. I figured it out.

    global $post;

    echo $post->post_content;


    Glad that I could help you.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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