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    I wasn’t able to figure out how to customize the button.

    I searched the forum and found a recent thread.

    The suggestion was to go to /includes/loop-portfolio.php and modify some code.

    I don’t have a loop-portfolio.php file.

    I expanded on my Mac to see if the file was part of the archive. I wasn’t

    I’d also appreciate some help including the “big button” on the amain page on pages that are spawned

    by my MLS real estate database widget. (dsIDXPress) I’d like to use big button for MLS nav rather than the top nav.

    Ditto, customizing wrapper_featured_area. When the widget spawns a page I’d like a static heading. It’s currently blank.

    Here’s the protected URL and the “data” you need to get in. If you’d like. test / 7test7

    On a side note you should check out the MLS widget. I think this would be a great market for Kriesi Themes.

    EDIT: Hold off a bit. I just made a change to dedicated IP with my hosting co and the site isn’t stable yet.



    Site seems to be accessible again



    If you want to edit the “Read More” button on your portfolio. You can edit the template_portfolio.php.

    Regarding the MLS issue, I don’t I fully understand what you want so I will forward this among the support staff to better help you out. :)




    Hi Norton,

    I’m not familiar with how the MLS widget/plugin works but my guess is you’ll need to create an if statement in the header for pages to detect if the page is a product of an MLS search. Then some kind of output for your needs.





    Thanks for the reply.

    What I’d like to do is modify the tiny house href in the wrapper_stripe and replace it with “Search the MLS” and link it to my MLS page. That page has the widget in the sidebar.

    My reason is, I want to remove Search the MLS from the top nav I know wrapper_strip is on all the pages, not just full width. That’s OK.

    I really don’t need a different button, because the tiny house icon is perfect for MLS

    If this is too much to ask for a forum question, I understand. But if it’s just a bit of code I’d appreciate getting it so I can learn something.


    The big Nortowski


    Getting closer looking at kclass_breadcrumb.php

    is_page( ‘mls-search’ )

    Goes someplace ?

    Tried several places but couldn’t get it to work.


    Figured it out.

    Best that way.




    Glad that you found a solution :)



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