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    Hi, we are having some issues with the Coherence menu and would love to change its layout to show the first level children under the parent heading permanently, with second level children appear on hover.

    Basically, we’d like to implement the menu from your Velvet theme (http://kriesi.at/themedemo/?theme=velvet) into Coherence.

    We know this might be a bit of work and probably more than your average support request, but having already bought 3 Kriesi themes, we know how great you guys are :) which is why we looked at finding a solution from you.

    The new menu would not require any fancyness or moving pointers.

    We would greatly appreaciate if you could point us in the right direction,

    your friendly neighbourhood architects


    I can’t give you detailed instructions because it requires some time to make these mods but your best bet is to transfer the menu js code from Velvet to Coherence (the code can be found in js/avia.js). Then investigate the css code with Firebug and add your custom menu code to css/custom.css.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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