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    please i is still not working and no one has resolved this issue.


    I apologize for the troubles you are having. I am not sure what the issue is, each time I modify the file it works. Then it seems like maybe the next day it is broken again. Perhaps you are using a plugin that is causing problems. Try disabling any third-party plugins to see if the problem persists.


    ok, all plugins are disabled. go ahead and do your thing and lets see what happens. but please do it quickly as this is a live high traffic site. thanks


    also, can you link me a copy of your “fixed” file(s) so I can re-upload them and trouble shoot this theme?


    I deleted your email containing the login information, as I do with all support emails after a few days containing password for security reasons. I can look at this, but you’ll have to send the login information again.

    I can tell you that simply saving the single.php or post.php (I don’t remember exactly which) solved the problem. That led me to believe it was some sort of caching problem with a plugin you had installed. I am not able to help if the problem is caused by a plugin, we can see if it only if I save the file again and it doesn’t revert.







    Alright, as of this post the page is fully functioning. Give it a day and see if it is broken again. If not then it has to be one of third party plugins.



    no plugins are loaded and the page is not correct.

    you are seeing that the sidebar widgets are below the post yes???

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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