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    The content areas are getting cut off in this theme. The reviews cut off and the header text cuts off.

    Also in some cases the ‘clear selection’ gets bumped to the an odd placement

    Please advise,


    Hi isaotasaka,

    Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #top.single-product .entry-content {
    width: auto;
    .reset_variations {
    line-height: 27px;

    There have been quite a few changes with variations in WooCommerce lately so we’re still having to do little touch ups as updates come out and hope the theme updates keep everything looking the same :)




    Looks like that worked for the most part! Header is still cutting off but is there any way to make the header text smaller? Right now its quite large on all the pages. there is also quite a bit indentation between the header and the shop/category images.

    I also wanted to adjust the ‘hide content & sidebar’ so its more visible. ie change the color and make bold. Its a great feature and right now i have an image directing people to this but ideally it would be prominent enough to view.

    Thanks for the great theme and support Devin,



    And lastly, when I was having issues with the width the breadcrumbs were indented making the site look really off. I deleted the breadcrumbs and just tried adding them back but not sure if i’m putting them in the right place as they are not showing up. Can you advise on this,




    If you are using the big title template, you can add this on your custom.css to change the header title

    #top .post-title.big_title {
    font-size: 30px;

    To change the styling of “hide content & sidebar” text, you can use this

    .hide_content.no_scroll {
    font-size: 12px;
    color: red;

    How did you delete the breadcrumbs?




    I did a search for breadcrumbs in the files online and deleted the files with name breadcrumbs.

    Also, with the upsell images they seem to not fit properly on the page. ideally i have 3 per row or 2 per row without one getting indented below.

    Thanks for the above advice!




    Please add this to Quick CSS to fix the related products

    #top .product_column_3 .products .product {
    width: 30%;




    Thanks alot. And can you tell me which directory the breadcrumbs.php file should go?



    The file that has the logic for the breadcrumbs is located in /framework/php/ directory and is called class-breadcrumb.php . I would strongly advise not to edit the file unless you know what you are doing.




    Yeah i’m just trying to get it functioning again. I removed it due to the fact that it was getting cut off from the width of the frame and now the frame is fixed so trying to get it back again. The file was actually there. but still doesnt show up in my site. any suggestions?



    You would not be able to see whether it show up or not since its a php file and you would not be shown which php files are included and where from looking outside in.

    It is added on line 167 of inc-autoconfig.php located in the /framework/php/ directory.

    Do you recall how you went about removing the breadcrumbs? Was it via css or editing of the templates?

    Go to or similar software, and directly compare a directory housing your current theme, with a directory containing a fresh untouched theme. You will instantly see on a character by character basis all the files and how they differ. You will be able to find the cause and restore it much quicker.




    I ended up going into my ftp and finding the breadcrumbs file and removed them. I thought I had noted where they were supposed to go but unfortunately did not. I didn’t go into any code so thats why i’m unsure why the breadcrumbs wouldnt appear on my site if i replace the file into the same director. The only thing i can think of is that i’m missing one of the breadcrumb files in one of the folders. I also remember that the file was not called class-breadcrumb.php but it was just breadcrumb.php. I believe this is found in the woocommerce/template/shop directory. When i look for it, it is still there so its strange… you would think that if i pull from the Kriesi original file folder and put back into the same directory on the ftp server for my site then it would work. Thoughts?



    Please download a new version of the theme and compare it to your current version to locate the missing file or forgotten edit using the Winmerge or some similar product.



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