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    I have a new project and the client wants a simple chat available on his site. Now I found a free and easy to use chat plugin that requires no 3rd party accounts and works. But it doesn’t work with Abundance. The default themes have no problem with it, just when i activate Abundance the front end of the plugin doesn’t show up anymore. Back in the admin area i can still see it and change settings etc.
    The plugin is Chatlive ( and I presume it’s just some hooks problem but where do I ask for help? Here with you guys or on the plugin creator support site?
    Thank you.

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    Hi vrfx!

    The best place to ask would be with the developers of the plugin. We could try taking a look but because we have no familiarity with the code it would be slow going to try and figure out where the conflict is.

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    I sent the plugin author an email but on he has no activity for the last 9 months. Also the theme is premium so it might be difficult for him to reproduce the problem.
    The plugin description says the following:

    Chatlive downloads and upload to the / wp-content/plugins unzipped files, then install the plugin from the plugins section of wordpress. if your theme is properly developed should see the chat on your site, without any kind of errors, otherwise, check the header.php file of the theme you’re using and verfica if the call to the function wp_head (); just before the close of the <head>.

    I checked and even moved the wp_head(); right before the </head> but with no success. But while trying different stuff i did notice that when the header.php was absent (renamed) the plugin was functioning correctly (of course the page was all screwed up). So, it must be something there.
    I will keep testing stuff but since i’m not a coder it will be difficult. If you could help it would be awesome. The correct link to the plugin is



    I’m not familiar with the plugin but the reviews and comments suggest that some other users have problems to get the plugin working too. Did you try a plugin like (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -sales-and-support/3952877?ref=Zweistein”> (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -sales-and-support/3952877 or

    Best regards,


    I was just being silly, thought i can find a decent free plugin but like all things, if you want quality you pay. I’ll look on those you suggested and just buy one, it’s not that expensive. Thanks for the suggestions, for taking the time to search. If i need help i’ll ask but the plugin support should be enough.
    Feel free to close the topic, it’s kinda solved.

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