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    Ok, this has been an ongoing nightmare. I have lost much sleep over this situation, as I’m awaiting commitment from some large clients.

    Any custom CSS that I add into my Quick box area does not apply. (Except for some textual styling).

    Below are the steps I have taken to correct the issue:

    1. I tried adding custom code directly into the base.css, custom.css, layout.css, and grid.css files with no luck. Will not apply.

    2. I updated theme.

    3. I upgraded to newest WP version.

    4. I’ve cleared my cache a million times

    5. I’ve deactivated all plugins, and problem persisted.

    *And something odd, . . . the scroll-bar in the Quick CSS window seems to be glitchy. Something that was not there before.

    My site needs some work after the theme and WP updates, so I have a temp page up.

    I pray one of you awesome theme gurus help me out by taking a look under the hood please. I’m a die hard Kreisi theme developer and would greatly appreciate this.



    Hey headbentdesign!

    If changes to your custom.css file are not being applied then the css isn’t written properly or it isn’t being loaded into the site.

    You can always use view the source of your page and look to see what active css is on the page which is what we would do in this case.

    Best regards,


    Well, I was hoping for more help than this Devin. Sounds like I’m on my own here.

    Since I am not a full-blown developer (but a web designer) I don’t have your experience with developmental troubleshooting. I have applied every single suggestion with no success.

    NOTHING had changed in the custom css. And I am honestly concerned and not trying to be a pain, but if some custom CSS is applying and some CSS is not (and it is correct I can assure you) then isn’t this a theme issue?

    I really don’t know. Please, i need some help. I can’t be any nicer.



    Think about it, if some custom CSS is applying and some CSS is not then we can conclude that it is not a theme issue rather there is something wrong with the css you’re trying to apply or you are using the wrong selectors. Have you tried adding !important to every css properties? Please check the file permission on css files, change it to 755. You can change it on your cpanel.



    Hello Ismael,

    Ok, I’m humbled. After you and Devin’s reply, I will admit that I got very frustrated and set out to prove you wrong. I combed through my CSS very very closely, cutting out different lines, etc. Seeing if there was anything that was causing this to happen. Well my friend, I found this :

    /* Smartphones (portrait) ----------- */
    @media only screen 
    and (max-width : 360px) {
    h2 { font-size: 2.3em;
    margin-top: -25px !important;

    This is what was causing it.

    My apologies to you and Devin.

    Conclusion : Everyone, check your custom code very carefully, because it’s easy to run to the Kreisi support everytime we are stumped, but they pushed me to dig deep, and humbly, it was my fault; not the theme’s.



    Glad you found the issue Pat! I’ve added an incorrect bracket way too many times but it always ends up happening when you get in to editing quickly.

    If you have some time take this course from CodeSchool: http://www.codeschool.com/courses/discover-devtools

    With dev tools you can inspect your code live and Chrome will often times point you to the incorrect line of css right in the browser. Eg something like this:

    This is just for the page we are on right now, there are a number of warnings that Chrome sees as possible issues. The first one, I just clicked on it to be taken to the exact line in the themes css. Because it has a webkit specific declaration Chrome sees it as an issue and is pointing it out.

    Hope that helps :)

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