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    1) How do I get a newly created page to show up in the Theme Option dropdown boxes? For example I created an “About” Page and would like the contact form you offer in the theme to post to this page but it is not given as an option in the drop down box.

    2) I replied to a previous thread about a slider issue I am having. I want the slider to be the size that is on your demo but when pics are inserted, they are stretched and much bigger. I installed the plugin you recommended but I can’t tell which image type I need to resize to get the pics in the slider to resize.

    3) We want to select certain images for our featured products which will show on the homepage but there does not seem to be a way to edit which pages show on that home page (product slider).




    1.) Theme Options have a lot of options to choose from. Which options are you talking about? What dropdown?

    2.) Suggested image size is 1500x430px.

    3.) You need to upload the images on your Homepage. Edit your homepage then upload the images on Featured Media area.




    Thanks for such a quick response!!!…I gave an example in Theme Options where it says “Contacts” and asks you which page you want to show the Contacts form on…..the pages that I created in “Add New Page” do not appear in that dropdown box…..none of the newly created pages show up in the dropdown menus within the Theme Options Tab


    Hi luvhood,

    Make sure the page you want to assign it to has been fully published. I don’t believe drafts will show up there.

    If you have any plugins active, try deactivating them just in case something is causing a conflict with the regular theme options.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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