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    Hello Kriesi! Another great theme. Excellent work!

    I have a few questions;

    1. Is there more documentation than what is included in the zip file/documents? The documentation seems to be a bit on the light side for some areas. I know it’s a new theme but would be great if you could add specifically where we should make some basic css edits (change css to support larger logo). Your new Framework although it’s great it’s a bit confusing where to change what. I checked your support forum, read thru this site but am still not seeing all the answers. I apologize if they’re here but don’t really think I should have to search for some of the basic questions.

    2. How and where do I modify the header so a bigger logo will fit?

    3. In the header it is showing the url on the right of the logo. I think it is the url for one of the framework .php files? How do I remove it and why is it there? You can see it here: Would like to get this fixed asap

    4. Where do I change the font sizes such as H1, H2 etc.? I know how to change the font style (cufon) but what file should I edit and what code to change the size of H1+ fonts? I don’t see it in the docs but may be missing it somewhere?

    5. For the main menu it’s not showing all of the menu items. It’s truncating the first one (about). How and where do I either widen it or fix the issue?

    6. How do I modify the blog archive pages to display like you have them on your live demo site? The documentation is very light on this topic.

    7. How do I remove the meta information from blog posts? I don’t want the categories, tags on left side?

    8. Do you have any further instructions for mega menu?

    9. How can I remove one or more of the footer widgets? I see the code in footer.php with 5 columns. I hope there is a way to delete a widget w/out having to change the .php code. Either way can you pls tell me how to do such? I searched docs, site & don’t see the answer?

    10. Why are there boxes around the tags in the tag widget? How do I remove them?

    11. How do I increase the size of font in the main menu?

    12. Do you have a comprehensive list of short codes?

    13. How do I add the rss for the link showing in the top right corner of page? Suggest this gets added to admin.

    I do like the theme a lot. If I can get it working easily I can see using it for a lot of client sites due to the flexibility.

    You can see my draft (very draft) implementation here.




    Hi Pam

    I can help you with your logo resizing under 2. You’ll need to copy a snippet of code to your custom.css file and edit it. Here’s the relevant bit from style.css

    #top .logo, .logo a{







    border: none;

    padding: 0;


    Edit the height and the width (this example is from one I’ve already done).

    I found the bit in style.css where you can change the font sizes (look under GENERIC) and while I changed my font sizes to something smaller it didn’t work for me. I still get huge headings.

    Re the footers in 9., I changed the .php code. Don’t be frightened, it’s doable. Look in footer.php. You’ll see a bunch of paras beginning with <div class=”one_fifth first”>

    At this point I suggest you copy these paragraphs into something like Notepad, just in case there’s a problem and you have to copy the original back in. Now, deep breath and… Delete the second, third or fourth of these paras. Make sure you leave the last one. Now change the word ‘fifth’ to ‘fourth’ in the div class settings.

    This worked a treat for me, I now have four footer columns instead of five. Should you wish to have three, follow the steps about and delete two of the middle paras.

    I’d like more info on mega menu too! I just can’t get my menu system to work properly yet with this theme.





    First thanks FergieGirl for helping us out.

    1) As far as I can see the docs are detailed but I’ll report it to Kriesi.

    2) Open up custom.css and add following code:

    #top .logo, .logo a{

    Adjust the width and height attribute as you like.

    3) It’s caused by a bug in version 1.0.2. Kriesi released an update yesterday which adresses this problem (bug in mega menu class). You can download the update

    4) Just add following code to custom.css:

    h3, legend{font-size:17px; }

    Adjust the font size as you like.

    5) Where should the about menu item appear? I can’t find any reference in the source code so it’s not a css problem.. – I think it’s related to issue 3)

    6) Just link to an archive/category by using the menu manager. The post will be displayed with the archive template automatically.

    7) Open up loop-index.php and loop-archive.php located in the folder broadscopeincludes and delete following code:

    $cats = get_the_category();
    echo '<span class="blog-categories">';
    echo '<strong>Categories:</strong>';
    the_category(', ');
    echo '</span>';

    echo '<span class="blog-tags">';
    the_tags('<strong>'.__('Tags: ','avia_frameworkt').'</strong>');
    echo '</span>';

    8) No but same as 1)

    9) Open up footer.php and search for following code there:


    Instead of x there’s a number from 1 to 4 (i.e.)


    Delete all four dummy widget references…

    10) Can you post a link to a site where you’re using the widget. So I can give you exact instructions.

    11) Add following code to custom.css:

    #top .avia_mega a{
    font-size: 25px;

    Adjust the size as you like

    12) No, but you can use the shortcode generator (tool bar above the post/page text editor field).

    13) The rss link generated automatically by WP.

    Please open up more threads in the future . I want to avoid monster threads :)


    Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I take that seriously so we will probably add a few section to the documentation in future releases.

    @Fergie: Thanks for helping out here :)

    @ Pam: I wanted to apologize that you had to repost your question here, I didnt read your response at the themeforest item thread until now, otherwise I would have sent Peter or James to answer your questions there :)

    Best regards



    Hi guys

    with 4), the font size, did you mean ‘add to custom.css’ rather than ‘add to custom.js’? I can’t find custom.js. I tried adding the code to custom.css but it hasn’t made any difference to the font size displayed on my site. It’s still using the original size. Thanks.


    Yes, I corrected it. Which headline(s) would you like to change – maybe a special css class is applied to them.


    I’d like to make Heading 1 24 point, and Heading 2 20 point.



    if you just want to adjust h1 the code which I posted above should work. Maybe a plugin is overwriting something – try following:

    h1{font-size:36px !important;}


    Hi guys

    It didn’t work in custom.css but when I applied the !important tag to style.css it worked. So I’ll have to make sure I revisit that every time I do a theme update :-)


    Glad that I could help you :)

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