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    Hey Team,

    i bought Shoutbox a few days ago and i feel a bit overwhelmed by the functions of that theme, because i’m just a raw beginner in html/css or wordpress in general. Hence, i have a lot of questions about some general functions and design changes:

    1) I would like to implement a mega menu with pictures for each category, just like the menu in the Shoutbox demo. I found some threads about adding images to the mega menu, but i didn’t understand the single steps and specific menu settings. Does exist a step-by-step tutorial for noobs? :-)

    2) How can i insert my Google Adsense code into the default advertising sidebar widgets?

    3) Is it possible to use a URL to show pictures in my featured media slider? It doesn’t work at the moment…

    4) I installed the plugin “Facebook Comments for WordPress” accurately, but the comment box is not visible. Why?

    5) Is it possible to change the default language to German? (Leave a reply, Written by, Search Site etc.)

    6) Is it possible to ask questions in German? :-)

    More quests will come…for sure…

    Thanks a lot,



    I solved my problems with the mega menu and the ad boxes, but i have one new question: How can i remove the little grey arrows besides the thumbnails in my mega menu?




    1) Yes, you can ask questions in German too.

    2) You need to translate Shoutbox by using the po file located in the shoutbox/lang folder. Use tools like Poedit, save the translation as de_De.po and and upload de_De.po and into this folder.

    3) Add following code to css/custom.css or the quick css field to remove the arrow:

    #top .main_menu .avia_mega ul ul li, #top .main_menu .avia_mega > li > ul li {
    background-image: none;


    Hey, super – schönen Dank schon mal.

    Nun hätte ich gerne gewusst, wie ich im Mega-Menu den Abstand (links) des ersten Thumbnails verringer, damit dieser in etwa auf beiden Seiten gleich ist. Zudem hätte ich gerne den Abstand zwischen den beiden Thumbnail-Reihe verringert, die derzeit noch relativ weit auseinander stehen (die gestrichelte Linie dazwischen konnte ich bereits entfernen).

    Weisst du zufällig noch Rat zu Fragen 3 und 4 aus meinem ersten Post?

    Herzlichen Dank,


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