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    Dear forum,

    I read in the documentation of Choices (very recent version) “Page Sidebar navigation”: “If you choose to display them you can chane the order of the page items by changing their “page order” in the page edit screen.” – but I cannot find the location of this in the WP navigation structure. In the pages overview screen you cannot change the order of pages.

    Also I was wondering if the theme could display the current page in the Page sidebar navigation? That would help users I think.

    For instance I have some pages now under the “About” page, but the sidebar navigation does not show the “about” page itself.

    And is there some way I can have more control on where this Page sidebar appears like it was a real widget? There only seems to be a global option. Correct?

    Finally: there is a small typo in the documentation on this topic: “chane”==>”change”.


    Hi MCVlot,

    I believe that is referring to page hierarchy. Since the sub menu displays the parent>child relationship for the given child page. You can modify the order by hitting quick edit under a page (in the All Pages section) and filling in a value in the Order field.

    The sub menu is only able to be set automatically for now, that is correct. You could disable it and then use a plugin in its place if you wanted to have full widget control of it (there are a lot of options available for auto sub menus).

    The ideas/changes I will mark for Kriesi as feature requests.




    Hello Devin,

    I have located the order field: thanks!

    Regarding your suggestion for the submenu: can you make some recommendations for the plugin?

    Regards, Marnix


    I don’t have any specific recommendations no. Typically I just make custom menus for anything like that and organize it all manually. Just to give me complete control. I have not needed something automatic for a big site in quite a while so anything I last used is years old at this point.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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