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    Hello Dude and James,

    I’ve got a problem related to sendind a message via contact form in Broadscope.

    After installing WordPress I defined my personal email (admin).

    Later I’ve changed the email address from mine to my clients, here I present the screen:


    Problem is that message instead to client’s email (janinaarw (at) goes to my personal email.

    In Avisio last month I changed email to client’s one as on the picture above and it worked, but here in Broadscope is not enough.

    Tell me please where can I make a change so the message will be sent to defined email?





    go to Broadscope options panel > “Contact & Social Stuff” – there you can change the email adress.


    and one more thing, after receiving the message, it has got following subject:

    “user’s subject” (sent by contact form at ARW)

    I want to change this text: (sent by contact form at ARW)

    where Can I find it ?



    change following line in class-form-generator.php (located in broadscope/framework/php)

    $subject = urldecode( $_POST['subject']  . " (".__('sent by contact form at ','avia_framework').$_POST['myblogname'].")" );


    Thank You Dude very much – problem is solved.

    As usual, You are doing great job here.

    Oh and by the way, happy Easter :-)


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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