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    Hi. I don’t have this theme yet. I have a question on what is meant by “Build your own layouts. The Theme comes with a template builder that allows you to build any number of stunning layouts and apply them to your entries.”.

    Does this mean I can create a custom front-page?

    I want to create a front-page (main page) that has a slider with text, then displays my latest blog, few posts from a particular category, and some other posts from other categories. Can I do this?



    Hi gorgani,

    Depending on what other theme you have its very similar to the options you have when building a template with Choices, Flagship, Abundance and some of the other recent themes.

    You can arrange your home page template so that it uses a specific pages slideshow images then add in a pagebreak with shadow and then have two different blog elements (one after the other) which you can choose to only show a specific category for each of the elements and a specific number of posts.




    Thanks. My current theme, shoutbox does not have this.

    Final question, since this theme and others you mentioned all do the same in terms of create a custom layout, which would I choose? and why?

    Thanks again.


    In terms of pure flexibility Choices is your best bet. Between Eunoia, Choices, Flagship and Coherence you are going to get the most advanced set of options of all the themes but from those you can choose which style suits your needs best.

    My personal feelings on each:

    – Eunoia the most creative/portfolio

    – Choices is a clean business/personal/creative catch all style

    – Flagship for simple sites that need visual impact and have the resources for BIG photos

    – Coherence is a standard flexible business style (more masculine lines and feeling)

    Hope that helps :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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