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    Sorry to have to create a new thread for this but the one we were discussing the topic below on is closed.

    You had both mentioned the hosting service providers you use and I’ve been looking through their websites.

    I was hoping you could give me a an idea of what plan would work best for the project I’m working on. Specifically…

    1) WordPress, woocommerce, and Replete super compatible (I’m sure they are all at this point but wanted to cover my bases)

    2) As you’ve probably read in several of my posts, I have a gigantic amount of products and even more graphics. Even though I’m using the Woocommerce Product import Suite for my data files it takes days to import, and even longer to regenerate/import my graphic files. So I need something that will speed up this process drastically or I’m going to throw one of my laptops across the room (kidding)

    3) I’d like to have more control over the hosting server so I don’t have to deal with the less than knowledgable support godaddy has.

    4) One of my BIGGEST concerns, and the reason I’ve decided to migrate to a different host is because of the fact that all my data files and images will be updated weekly if not daily and God help me if I have to wait 4 days to update these crucial files.

    I greatly appreciate your input as always :)


    Hi pcprincess77,

    I have the second tier service here:

    With the 2gb memory and all of my clients set with the cpanel that comes with it. I run all of Kriesi’s themes as well as all of my personal projects and the majority of my clients sites on it, update them, create new instances and generally beat my database to death every other day and its been running strong for about 2 years now.

    It isn’t cheap, but it can pay for itself with reliability and hosting for multiple sites.




    Wow! You’re not kidding…that’s a lot more than I pay lol

    I may just invest in my own server.


    I will however, likely recommend the services you recommend to my client for this project. No chance I’ll be using godaddy for a huge international Ecommerce website with massive uploads l


    Yea…its a bit steep but I’ve developed a handful of clients that keep their sites hosted with my corporation which then pays for everything. Not enough for a big profit but its nice to have a strong server to run things on.




    I figured that was the case. Definitely makes godaddy look like junk (which it is) lol


    I’m gonna close this topic for now as our queue is getting a little crazy but if you have any other questions or issues don’t hesitate to post a new topic :)



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