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    The Abundance theme makes use of external scripts and plugins. The latest version of the theme works just fine as is but the used scripts/plugins are relative old versions..

    e.g. Abundance Theme latest version uses jQuery 1.5.1 which was released more then a year ago..

    – JQuery v1.5.1 (Latest release= v1.7.2)

    – projekktor v0.8.17 (Latest release= v1.0.17 r55)

    – prettyPhoto v3.1.3 (Latest release= v3.1.4)

    – WordPress Importer v0.3 (Latest release= v0.6)

    As the theme is sold as suited for users with no coding knowledge as well as deverlopers how do you guys gonna make sure those scripts and plugins stays up to date with future releases? Concerning about (security) fixes Javascript Library etc. Or do we have to maintain those ourselves?




    Let me forward this to Kriesi. He can give you a better answer.




    Thanks for forwarding! I had a quick look and it doesn’t seem like Kriesi modified any of the included scripts/plugins..So I updated mine to the latest versions and the website seems to run just fine..So for the others who also want to try this out this is how:

    Update jQuery

    !Be sure to download the latest minified version!

    - At the time of writing it's jquery-1.7.2.min.js and rename it to jquery.js

    - Upload and replace jquery.js found in the wp-content/themes/abundance/js/

    - That's all ;)

    Update prettyPhoto

    !Be sure to download the compressed production version!

    - Unzip the archive.

    upload the following files and folders:

    - css/prettyPhoto.css
    - images/prettyPhoto/ (complete folder)
    - js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js

    to wp-content/themes/abundance/js/prettyPhoto/ (overwriting the existing folders/files)

    - That's all ;)

    Update projekktor

    !Be sure to download the distro release!

    - Unzip the archive.

    upload the following files and folders:

    - theme/ (complete folder)
    - jarisplayer.swf
    - projekktor-1.0.17r55.min.js (rename it first to projekktor.min.js)

    to wp-content/themes/abundance/js/projekktor/ (overwriting the existing folders/files)

    For use different themes:

    Learn making your own themes:

    Update WordPress Importer

    - Unzip the archive.

    - Copy parsers.php and wordpress-importer.php and overwrite the files found in wp-content/themes/abundance/framework/php/wordpress-importer/

    - That's all ;)

    Hope this info helps others keeping their theme scripts/plugins up to date…


    Hey WarriorSan,

    Thanks for the update. It would probably only have a negative effect if the updates caused a conflict with how something works or if the theme uses a deprecated function. Just keep this in mind as you continue to build your site if something goes wrong :)





    Thanks for your comment. I always check the functionality of the website when altering things before deploying the development website on a live server but I still would like an answer on my first question maybe Kriesi could shed some light on this? As stated before it seems like Kriesi used the external scripts/plugins as is so it probably won’t break anything only improve because of the applied (security) fixes / updates with newer releases.. but I could be wrong of course ;)



    I’ve tagged the thread for Kriesi to take a look at but he has been very busy lately so I wouldn’t expect an answer very quickly :)


    No problem! Thanks anyway for your effort.




    Just a quick note:

    1) Kriesi uses the jquery version which is bundled with WP – if you’re using WP3.3.2 the theme loads the included jquery 1.7.1 libary too. If not, maybe another plugin deregisters the included jquery libary file or the WP update process somehow skipped the js file and therefore the file in the wp-includes/js/jquery/ folder is outdated.

    2) Lightbox/projekktor files are not the up to date. That’s true. Probably Kriesi doesn’t want to release a new version just because of minor script updates.

    3) As far as I know the WordPress importer plugin conflicts with the dummy content importer so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to activate/install it anyway. Kriesi’s importer is based on the WP Importer however the latest version may not be compatible with Kriesi’s importer script.

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