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    Hi everyone!

    I’m currently working on a test setup of the newscast theme and a couple of questions/problems showed up:

    1. How does is work to make only pages show up in the first navigation line (the one with black background) and only show category links in the second navigation line (with the grey background)? I’m reffering to the demo setup on

    2. How are the dropdown menus created? I created cats with subcats etc., searched the documentation and all but couldnt find any solution.

    Help would be much appreciated!

    Cheers from Germany!



    Ah yes I have the very same issue, I can only create 1 menu? I’d like a different menu with the drop down text for the top (small text) menu but can’t figure it out. The options say the design only supports 1 menu?

    You can have a gander here


    Just create two menus in the menu editor under appearance > menu. You can add categories, posts, pages and links to the menus. Call the first menu “First” and the second menu “Second” and everything will work fine.


    Hi Dude! Thanx for the quick help. It worked for the issue about the menus. What i still cant figure out is how the dropdowns are created. Pages with parents dont create dropdown, cats with subcats dont ether. Any ideas???


    You need to drag’n’drop the item which should appear as a sub menu item to the right side of a main menu item. So click on an item and move it near the main menu item (parent). WordPress then “links” these two items as parent and child

    The Dude


    Thanx alot Dude! Worked! Problem solved!!!


    Glad that I could help.


    Hi dude im trying to create two level li menu like this: (top navigation bar->about ) How can i do it?


    You need to set child pages in your post/page editor. There you can select if a page should appear as a mainpage or as a subpage of another page. This option is located on the right sidebar in the post/page editor


    Thanx for your reply Dude. But it didnt work. I have sorted my pages into main page and subcategories pages but my top menu only shows main pages.

    Maybe my theme is corrupted?

    Using this code:

    <ul id=”nav” class=”clearfloat”>

  • /” class=”on”>Home
  • <?php wp_list_pages(‘title_li=’); ?>

    <li class=”cat-item”>Categories

    <ul class=”children”>

    <?php wp_list_categories(‘orderby=name&title_li=’);

    $this_category = get_category($cat);

    if (get_category_children($this_category->cat_ID) != “”) {

    echo “




      echo “




    It works but it shows pages that i want to exclude and i cant use class: current_page_item.

    Any other idea?

    Thnx in advance.


Do you use “include pages” under Cubit options — Page Navigation? Try to use exclude instead of include and check that you allow your subpages to be displayed in your main menu.


I use include pages under “Twicet” options. But it didnt work. So i try other solution.


//in header.php i got sth like this:





if i change it for




$argPaginas=array(‘title_li’=>”,’sort_column’=>’menu_order’, $sSplit[0]=>$sSplit[1]);




is the same and it didnt show my sub-ul menu but all included pages are present. On the other hand if i use this:



$argPaginas=array(‘title_li’=>”, ‘sort_column’=>’menu_order’);




it works fine. The only problem i’v got is that it shows all pages even those i want to exclude


Have a look at this page:

You can add an argument “exclude” without problems like:

$argPaginas=array('title_li'=>'', 'sort_column'=>'menu_order', 'exclude'=>'13,46');

Fill in your ids instead of 13,46


I have checked it already (before my coments). Using either ‘exclude’=>’i,j,k,l,m..’ or include corrupts my sub-li menu.

Can you copy paste the header.php from this


Kriesi uses the standard php code for the header. There’s no need to paste it here – just use the original header.php file.


Ok thanx anyway. Maybe it’s a bug of this template.

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