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    Hi guys,

    is there a way to insert a picture above product description, but which will NOT appear in the background gallery?

    Or, for example, create a image slideshow that will be placed at the top of the entry (and will also be used as background) and then “prevent” a specific image from appearing in the background?

    Any ideias?

    Thanks in advance



    You can upload an image and use “insert to post”.

    For the slideshow, I am not sure if that is possible without doing a lot of coding at the moment.




    Thanks Ismael, but doing so will insert the picture below “Product Description” and therefore below product variations (which also means it will be too far from the product title)…

    What I wanted was to have such picture like a “featured image”, you know, so that I’d have my product image above description and variations and the background would have pictures of people using my product.

    But I understand that this may not be possible… so do you think there’s a way that I could put “Product Variations” below “Product Description”?

    Thanks again,

    best regards,



    Hi Flavio,

    Unfortunately there isn’t with the current theme options. You would need do a good bit of modification to how the plugin interacts with the theme.

    I think it would be a good idea however and will forward the idea on to Kriesi as a feature request.




    I’m looking forward for having the option to add the “featured image” in the next update, then!

    Meanwhile, I’ll try an alternative.

    Thanks Devin

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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