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    In the demo version of newscast there is a page “menu” along the bottom edge of the black part of the defualt headers theme and then just under that is the category and description.

    But when I downloaed and installed it I do not have either in mine how do i get them back?

    Am i allowed to link my page?


    Okay I found the post about adding to the header_nav.php and naming menus first and second.

    However, the menu 1 background is white instead of black do I need to change something else?


    I noticed that in internet explorer the black bar is behind menu 1 but in chrome it does not.

    The sample page works correctly in both.

    So what is different about the sample page them mine that would cause the black behind menu 1 in IE but not chrome?



    maybe try to clear your browser cache – I tried to reproduce the error but your website displays flawlessly in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera & IE. I attached a screenshot:


    Hmm..I just cleared it it did not change though. While the page loads I can see that its black for a sec then when it finishes changes back to the grey white fade.


    Wow I have no idea why but one of the chrome plugins (SEOquake) was doing it!

    However, SEOquake didnt effect the demo version? I guess it doesn’t matter wince only a small portion of people will be browsing with that plug in


    Very strange – especially because the plugin shouldn’t affect the output in any way.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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