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    After i have searched n number of themes, finally i have got settled here, excellent theme Kriesi !!!! . I have bought this theme some Five months back and working on this. Actually I dint even know the abbreviation for CSS but with the help of our support forum i am getting what are all i am looking for and created my website … At last i have few Queries pls guide me.. Sorry for my English!!!


    In portfolio, thumbnail view looks like stretched, i have changed the thumbnail by 90X90 and regenerated the images using plug-in long back. Is this because of that, If not please guide me what i have to do to rectify this.

    Pls have a Look here:


    I have used “3 column gallery” for one of my portfolio item (Portrait). I have increased the content width by 960 and i need that width. Now i have some space in right side of the images , i want the images should be placed uniformly.. pls guide me.

    Also landscape pictures looks nice but portrait pic was not..

    Pls have a look here:


    In my menu column, MY WORK & PASSION both are portfolio , but when i click Passion the menu column moves a bit right and when i click MY WORK its moves in the left corner.. Please click it and see.

    Awaiting your Reply !!!!!


    Hi lakshmivyas,

    1) I don’t see any stretching on the thumbnails there. Maybe you need to refresh your browser to see the newly regenerated images?

    Below is what I see:


    2) You can add some padding to the inner box by adding the following to your Quick CSS or custom.css file that should help with the new width:

    #top.single-portfolio .inner_box {
    padding-left: 15px;

    You can adjust the 15 up or down depending on how you want it to look.

    3) I’m not quite sure why that page isn’t working like the others, but with some css we can target it specifically and align the sidebar like the rest of the pages: .sidebar {
    left: 0px;




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for you response and help….

    For Q1 : Please have a look of these pages and you will find the diff , what i meant stretching..

    Check those thumbnail view in PASSION page, i can see my entire part of my pic but that’s not in MY-WORK page. I have refreshed n times but no luck. Please help me in this….

    Q2 : Thanks a ton its works like charm , but now because of this i am facing another problem :) , after this now in masonry gallery picz were not uniform , previously it was.

    Also could you provide me Quick CSS for my portfolio page also like what you have provided for my portfolio item.

    Again have some space in the right side of the images.

    Q3 : Thanks its works great !!!!

    New Question 4 :

    In Mozilla, page looks fine after i have modified in custom.css the below things

    border top left radius

    border top right radius


    But in IE 7 , its very flat and i cant see any changes..

    Please check this page in Mozila & IE 7.. you can find the difference

    Please guide me the above things and i am in the urgency to release the site in two weeks time.

    Thanks in Advance


    Can any one help me for the above mates !!!!


    Guys its pretty urgent, please help me out !!!!!


    I am just wondering that is anyone there to help me out ???????????????


    Hi lakshmivyas,

    Sorry for the delay, each time you responded it actually pushed your post to the back of our queue as it goes by when the most recent post in the thread was posted.

    For the original number 1, I see no issues on my end still.

    2) Adjust the 30px number as needed:

    #container-id-portfolio-.ajaxContainer {
    padding-left: 30px;

    For number 4, that page pulls up blank for me. However, the css attributes you have specified are not supported for IE7 so there is nothing we can do to help that.




    Thanks a ton Devin ,

    Oh i have no idea about your Queue algorithm !!!!

    Q1: I am just wondering whats wrong with my eyes then !!!!. Ok then leave that.. thanks.

    Q2: Thanks , this is what i needed .. Its works perfect for portfolio.

    Q4: Yeah, i have checked that in IE 9 and i dint find any issues .. So cant do anything for that !!!

    In my Q2: i have asked two things, one for masonry gallery & another for portfolio. You have provided the solution for portfolio could you pls help me out for masonry :)

    Issue: masonry gallery picture were not uniform after adding some padding to the inner box for portfolio-item.

    Pls have a look :

    Earlier i have got 3 column but after this tweak now i am getting only 2 column in masonry.

    Thanks in Advance , Devin!!!!



    Try adding this to adjust the masonary style pages:

    .template-masonry-overview.content .inner_box {
    padding-left: 16px !important;




    Thanks Devin , Its works :)


    Glad I could help!

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