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    The quality of the black and white thumbnail image in my portfolio on the hompeage is not great. The thumbnail itself is good quality.

    How can i adjust the quality of the black and white effect?




    Which version of Angular are you using? If you use a version before 1.1.1 please update to the latest version. Kriesi changed the methode how the greyscale image is generated.





    i am using version 1.1.1

    How can i adjust the quality of the effect? I’ve had a look through a couple of relevant files, but could see anything regarding quality. Just to give you an idea, see the attached screenshot.



    I think i realise what’s happening…

    To get the black and white effect, it is re-sizing the original image, which causes the distortion and thus bad image quality. Why is the black and white effect not applied to the thumbnail itself… or at least uses the thumbnail size, rather than the original image size?

    Surly this will also help with load time.

    Any ideas where i can change the function so that it uses the thumbnail, rather than the original image size?




    I forwarded the question to Kriesi because it affects all Angular users.




    Hey Miro! We need to use the original image size to account for the various screen resolutions (smaller screen = bigger image). Therefore the greyscale overlay needs to have the same dimensions to make sure that it always fits exactly. I think the problem is indeed simply the shrinking of this particular image which creates a Moiré pattern. You can either upload a special version of the image or if you can also try to change the image dimensions in the functions.php array and then reupload the portfolio images.

    You could either try just a small adjustment of the image size, this might be enough to prevent the pattern or you can also try to use a size which is exactly the thumbnail size of the portfolio image. (which might lead to a not so good smartphone experience, but thats of course up to you)


    Thank you for the feedback. My wordpress installation creates several sizes of the same image. Can i change the functions.php file to use a different image other than the original image size? I would rather have a lesser quality image on a smaller screen, than a bad quality image on a normal screen. plus, the bad quality is only when the image is black and white.

    What you say makes sense, however the original thumbnail (the colour one) seems to be good quality even when my screen shrinks. How can i change the functions file to use the thumbnail rather than the original image size?


    Hi vendosmedia,

    I don’t believe you can with the way the effect is written. I’ll ask for Kriesi to check again, but I think your options are limited to those described above by Kriesi.


    Well you can modify the image size at the beginning of the functions.php file in the image array and use a self defined size for portfolio entries:

    $avia_config = array('width'=>465, 'height'=>346); // images for portfolio entries (2,3,4 column)

    Not sure though if it helps with the pattern

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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