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    how i can use qtranslate for your custum menu?

    Where i can change anything to use the regular menu perhaps it solve my translation proplen and work.




    if you want to use the fallback menu just delete the (main) menu you created by using your menu manager. I don’t know qtranslate but with WPML you can translate your menu items.



    Hi an thanks,

    ok i have changed now on WPML!

    I have the Theme Display 1.3 installed!

    Where i can change now the menu Translation?






    Ok wpml didnt work fine for me…

    I want to try it again with qtranslate! The fallback menu didnt work?

    I claered all the menu entries in the menu manage but not work to see anything in the navigation.



    did you delete the menu itself? So that you’ve no menus in your menu manager? I’m sorry that you can’t use WPML – it’s much better than qtranslate.


    Ahhh ok … i have update to the newest Version of Display!

    And it works:-)

    Thanks a lot for all answers


    Glad that you’ve found the problem :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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