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    My site is working well with qTranslate except for the portfolio links.

    Please help me with this, as I bought WPML and tried for more than a month to make it work with Choices and my project.

    I didn’t succeed so I switch back to qTranslate.


    Hi drixe,

    Which portfolio links aren’t working? Our experience with qtranslate is pretty much non existent but maybe we can help.




    The links under the portfolio images in this english page point to the french portfolio item.

    You will need an access for this website. Contact me via email.


    Hi drixe,

    You could try updating to choices 1.7 (looks like you are on 1.6) but I know even with WPML there were some issues with portfolios specifically.

    As for coming up with a workable solution for qtranslate, you would need to get assistance on their end.





    1.7 does not fix anything.

    I didn’t get enough support with WPML.

    I can not see this : “120% effort for every customer we get. Thats how we roll !”

    Best regards,



    Did you try the the latest version (WPML 2.7.1 and Choices 1.7)? I’m not sure if older version of WPML will still work with 1.7.


    And did you ?

    Did you tried Choices + WPML + Portfolio ?

    I went from qTranslate to WPML and then from WPML to qTranslate.

    I would like to know if it’s working before going back again…



    Yes, I did :D

    Eg – here: (removed test server link) – the German version of the portfolio is: (removed test server link) (just click on the flags to change the portfolio). I also translated a single entry (“Propulsion – Deutsch” and “Propulsion”) – (removed test server link) vs. (removed test server link) – this entry can be found on both portfolio pages (German & English). I also tested the “Portfolio Meta Information” – both values (key name – like “Skills Needed” which translates to “Fähigkeiten”, etc. – and the value (HTML, CSS, etc.) are translatable). At least on my test sever I can’t find a problem.

    I also can’t reproduce problems with the archive page some users report – eg (removed test server link) is the German version of (removed test server link)

    That said WPML is a complex plugin and there’s always the possibility that something doesn’t work out as expected because of the server configuration, third party plugins or bugs in the theme or WPML code which we haven’t notice yet. The issues with WPML are also one reason why we won’t support qtranslate – it would swamp our support team and Kriesi and we see no advantage in supporting two translation plugins. On the other hand qtranslate is a “one man project” (whereas WPML is maintained & developed by a developer team) and it’s not compatible with WooCommerce – thus it’s not an option/alternative to WPML.


    Ok, thanks. I’ll give it another try…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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