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    Hi, I would like to put no follow links ont the facebook and twitter buttons on the front page. How could I do that ?

    I have a footer with 4 columns and 2 of the colums have links that I would like to nofollow. How can I do that ?


    Hey anniet!

    In your WordPress theme directory please go to Enfold > Includes and open helper-social-media.php file and find following code in line 73 and change it to



    Thanks, I will do it right now for the social media.
    any idea on the widget with links ?



    Open framework > php > class-framework-widgets.php, find this code:

    	$output .= "<a href='$link' class='asc_twitter $addClass'>{$before}<strong class='asc_count'>".$follower['twitter']."</strong><span>".__('Follower','avia_framework')."</span></a>";
    					$output .= "<a href='$link' class='asc_twitter $addClass'>{$before}<strong class='asc_count'>".$follower['twitter']."</strong><span>".__('Followers','avia_framework')."</span></a>";

    And this code:

    $output .= "<a href='$link' class='asc_rss $addClass'>".apply_filters('avf_social_widget',"", 'rss')."<strong class='asc_count'>".$follower['rss']."</strong><span>".$feed_text."</span></a>";



    Hi, I have the abundance theme, unfortunately in abundance / includes there is nothing on social media on line 73 for first method
    Do you know where to put the no follow link then ?

    for the second method also I could not find the class frameword widgets on abundance.
    Do you have an idea ?
    Thanks a lot for the great product .



    You need to edit those via FTP or your cpanel.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael, Hi Yigit,

    I know how to use ftp, no problem. The problem is that I have the abundance Theme and not the Enfold one.

    In the abundance theme I cannot find the helper-social-media.php in the theme/includes
    it is made somewhere else. Could you please advise where ?

    Best regards,



    Sorry i did not notice :)
    Please open header.php file and search for following code

    if($twitter = avia_get_option('twitter')) echo

    and add nofollow as shown here
    class-framework-widgets.php file Ismael mentioned is inside wp-content\themes\abundance\framework\php



    Thanks a lot. I manage to make it function.
    By the way, it took some time as it is more difficult to copy without errors code in a image than if you just copy paste it in your message ;-)

    Thanks for your help !


    humm, please do not close the topic yet.
    I am not sure that it works



    Can you create a temporary admin login and post it here privately?


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    Changes in social icons are done




    How do I do it on my production site ?



    You can simply copy header.php file and that is it



    I will keep it on hand so as not to loose it for next update

    In fact I understand why it did not function : I changed it in abundance and not in my child theme. very sorry to disturb you
    Best regards

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